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Respected sir.
           I am shailen gajjar from India.

           We start our new website go4seven.com, with the aim 
Of do
Some thing special in the net world. We have some good ideas for
Better things for net users in dream book.

           But we have some big financial problem to reach this 
           We set a sopncer section in our website for cover this 
           We need some small support from you or your company.
           A small support Provide by you or your company is makes a big support for us.
           Please give us just one advertise in our site .

       in Just $ 5 for one (1) year,
          just $ 50 for life time. ( we need this one)

           Please sir, we needs your support please.

                                               Thank you 
                                               shailen gajjar
You are register in our group website. Send mail 
For remove in our mail list
                                               Thank you

For any other information please contact

shailen gajjar