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Good day,

I hope u wont be to surprise to receive a mail from someone like me.
Well let me start by introducing myself to you.My name is Yourme Taylor
i am the son of the former liberian president Charles Taylor who you may
as well know was sent out of liberia for the sake of peace to reign.
He has been taken to Nigeria and granted political asylum by the
government of Nigeria.He now resides in Calabar, a town in Nigeria.
Well to my main point, when my father was still in power,he had lots of
money stashed away in foreign banks.Due to the above reasons i am
soliciting for your humble and confidential assistance to take custody
of fifty million US dollars (US$50,000,000) and also to front for me in
the areas of business you desire profitable.This fund has been
deposited in a confidential security company in europe were it can be easily 
withdrawn or paid to a recommended beneficiary.This funds can be
released to you by the security company based on my
recommendation on that note you will be presented as my partner
fronting for me and my family in any venture we go into,Myself and
my dad are willing to give to you 20% if you are able to claim this
funds.We have also decided to set 5% aside to foot all bills incured by
you on the course of this transaction at the end of this transaction.
Please,I need your entire support and co-operation for the success of
this transaction, your confidentiality and secrecy is highly required,
due to my dads present situation.I sincerely will appreciate your
willingness to assist us as soon as possible.I can be reached thru my
e mail addresss which is yourmetaytaylor100@latinmail.com.For more information
on how we can proceed in this transaction.Please indicate your interest
by sending your telephone and fax number.

I will be expecting a reply from you as soon as possible.Thanks for
your support and God bless you.

Yours sincerely,

Yourme Taylor.