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secret and confidential

Dear sir/Ma,
      I am seeking for a reputable person with vast knowledge in 
business who will manage and invest a large sum of money in america dollar.

Iam ABDURASAK KALLON from adopted family of Late Chief Doussou KALLON,this 
my adopted father lost his Life in the event  of Iraq war.

 The news of his death was later revealed to me  in my office after 
one week because during his life time he has chains of business 
in USA and EUROPE, he appointed me has a director  of one of his 
well established company here in  cotonou ( Rep of Benin in west Africa).

We all took his death as it comes then after one week, my step mother 
called a family meeting which l was asked to stay outside the 
house as the meeting was confidential because it belong to the children of  the Late CHIEF.

It dawn on me what  the family is having in stock as l have never 
nursed this kind of thing in my mind that l can now be rejected 
for NOT being his bilogical child  of the late CHIEF having grew up with them 
and living my whole life with them as adopted child.

It was two weeks ago l received a confidential letter from the Late 
Chief Lawyer, instructing me to meet him in his office and we had 
a meeting at his chamber,then it really dawn on me that lam about 
to received the final blow of disgrace from the family but to my utmost

l received a seal document in which the Late Chief has prempted 
this kind of thing after he might have passed away then the lawyer 
showed me this document that in my Name, the Late chief has deposited
$16.8millions dollars for me in a reputable bank incredible,
l beg  the lawyer to keep this documents as a secret and confidential 
for me to look for a trusted partner, in who can help me transfer 
this fund into a foreign account in overseas to manage and invest 
the money wisely and l see you as a someone who can help me out.

I am now looking for a trusted partner who will assist me to transfer 
this money into his overseas account, this money is  now in a reputable 
BANK in BENIN COTONOU west Africa.

your reply to this message is highly awaited and please forward 
contact address.


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