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E-portfolio Conference 9 10 october 2003 Poitiers France

Dear Colleagues

We have great pleasure in inviting you to the first international conference

wholly devoted to the ePortfolio (electronic or digital portfolio) at
Poitiers, France on 9-10 October 2003. The Conference is being organised
EIfEL in collaboration with E4L (Espace Européen pour l?excellence du
e-learning). CEDEFOP, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational

Training) is an official conference partner.

Technology has rejuvenated the concept of personal portfolios, which are
increasingly being seen as a powerful tool for personal and organisational

development. An e-portfolio is an extended, dynamic CV, establishing links

to an online database, which contains personal and professional
achievements, team results, references and all relevant evidence of
competence obtained in the course of work and learning. The portfolio can

serve at the same time as a tool for learning, assessment, career management

and knowledge management.

EIfEL is promoting the development and uptake of the ePortfolio in Europe

through the European ePortfolio consortium and seeks to draw on best
practice throughout the world.

Conference delegates will obtain state-of-the-art information on portfolio

practice and technologies, from speakers and specialists from a broad
spectrum of expertise: representatives from key international organisations;

standardisation, awarding and accreditation bodies; practitioners and
professional bodies; the corporate and academic sector. ?Interoperability?
between initiatives and tools - will be a key conference theme.

As education and training professionals, discover how the e-portfolio can

help to enhance:

§	Personal knowledge and competencies
§	Continuing professional development
§	Organisational knowledge and competencies
§	Learning communities
§	Education and learning policies
§	Quality of provision
§	Accessibility

The language of the conference will be English, with translation into

For more information: www.europortfolio.org

Please note the Early Bird Special rate of 450 ? until 15 August. Reductions

are also available for additional delegates, students and members of EIfEL.

We look forward to welcoming you in Poitiers

Kind regards

Maureen Layte

tel: +33 3 8643 1343
mob: +33 6 1172 2775
fax: +33 3 8643 1778
International Conference 9-10 October 2003, Poitiers, France
The e-portfolio