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A very good day to you, I am  ( Mrs.) Aimien Sankoh wife of the imprisoned sierre-leone rebel leader Mr Fordey Sankoh. I am contacting you in view of the fact that we can be of great assistance to each other, like wise developing a cordial business relationship.
I currently have the sum of Twenty  Million United States Dollars [$20,000,000.00] cash, which I intend to use for investment purposes specifically in your country. This money came as a result of a pay back from a Diamond deal between my  husband and a Russian firm on our country's multi- Million Dollar Diamond business.
The Russian Partners returned my husband's share of  Twenty Million United States Dollars after the arrest of my husband so I had to  lodge it with the assistance of my Son who is based in Europe with a Security Company there.
Due to the current situation in the country concerning Government's attitude towards my family, it has become quite impossible for me to make use of this money within. Thus, I seek your assistance to claim this money with the assistance of my Son  and make good use of it regarding investments in your country. If you consent to my offer, I shall expect you to contact me urgently to enable us discuss in details of this transaction.
Bearing in mind that your assistance is needed to claim this fund. I propose a commission of twenty five percent{25%} of the total sum to you for the expected services and assistance. Your urgent response is highly needed and all correspondence must be through the reply email indicated in this mail. I must use this opportunity to implore you to exercise the utmost indulgence to keep this matter extraordinarily confidential considering the present situation my husband now finds himself.
 Whatever your decision, I expect to hear from you soon after which I will send you the Telephone Number of my Son for direct contact with him.
Best regards
Mrs. Aimien sankoh.