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100 % plastic

VISIT : www.prolen.com

Ramboo Internacional SA- Mexico City

!Business Opportunity!

Probably we can help you to set up a Prolen furniture factory in your country, we think that in your area Prolen is a:

! GREAT business opportunity !

The project will very much depend on your particular needs, present assets and monetary resources.

What we offer is confidential information, trade secrets, hands-on training, assistance and the license to manufacture our exclusive Prolen designs www.prolen.com

The confidential information includes everything to enable you to manufacture in a very competitive and profitable way, furniture and accessories with Prolen that is considered now days, by the industry expertise:

!The material of our time!

You will receive valuable information on:

1- Machinery that probably you will find, with our assistance, inside your country or very close to it.

2- How to make Prolen, from raw materials that you can get also from providers very close to you.

3- Hands-on training in furniture making and design.

4- Assistance to achieve everything profitably and reliably.

Our licensees may either choose to start from a small basis or from a large one. We are in the process of selecting qualified companies in some countries, capable of manufacture and market, under license, this superb product, from the raw material to the finish product.

As we stated above, Prolen is the Raw Material of our time and Prolen Process is continually investing in research and development to ad new improvements and new designs from the most recognized designers world-wide.

!Prolen Process is today's business opportunity!

In a globalized world, those that will not invest in order to keep up with progress, new materials and new technologies will be left way behind. The modern experts in economy state that: "The only possible way to succeed in the uncertainty of the world economy is neutralising the competition", in other words, positioning us above the competition by means of technological exclusivity.

The above is not easy, especially for middle size companies; with Prolen Technology it is perfectly possible and relatively easy. Because of it´s superb appearance and performance, the best architects and interior designers of the world, now specify Prolen furniture and accessories in: hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, casinos and private residences. Yes you are right, your guess is correct: The high quality of Prolen can be used either outside or inside, unbelievable? It is a fact ¡Imagine the possibilities! Prolen is way above any possible competition because it has infinite alternatives.

Being Prolen a very high margin product it gives the qualified licensed Prolen manufacturer the flexibility to control every possible segment of the market, from the very expensive, high end to the middle and low, depending on design and particular needs.

We need to know more about you. To allow us to help you and make you an offer, please kindly find, fill and submit the application form in our web site www.prolen.com

In order to protect our licensees and to preserve the high value and exclusivity of Prolen products, not all countries are eligible, and not all companies will qualify, as soon as we receive your application form we will inform you about the possibility to grant you a profitable manufacturing license.

Please go ahead fill and submit the application form in our web site to enable us to help you: www.prolen.com

Best regards

Fernando Trejo

Technology export manager


To stop receiving Prolen info please answer this e-mial with REMOVE in the subject.