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This letter might come to you as a surprise but permit me to introduce myself before you properly. My name is PRINCE EFEZINO O. ODAFE, the only UNKNOW WORKING CONTACT that had worked for the late Nigerian former head of State, late Gen. Sanni Abacha and his family.

We were more than 10 people that did worked for the late head of state during the period in which he was Ruling as the Head of State. Some of the big names that I worked with for the late head of state include:- MR. GILBERT CHAGOURY of the Chagoury family, MARK RISSER from the United States, NASSIM GAON an Israeli, MR. ATIKU BAGUDU a Nigerian and some others.

Since I trustedly worked locally for the former head of State and his family till his death, I am not KNOWN by the general public NOT EVEN to this PRESENT NIGERIAN CIVILIAN GOVERNEMENT as one of the persons that the late head of state Gen. Sanni Abacha has used to starched Money out of the Country's Treasury mostly in CASH.

You should be aware that after the death of Late. Gen. Sanni Abacha , all his private & family accounts both locally and internationally operated by them were all frozen. Though his wife Mrs. Mariam Abacha, tried after some time to move out CASH by herself in 8 suit-cases worth over US$150 Million but was caught at the Abuja International Airport by the Airport SecurityMen & Custom Officials which the whole world was aware of and knows about it's happening at that time and the said amount was seized by this present government.

To this, I am solicit for a FOREIGN CONTACT that will be capable in receiving a CASH PAYMENT FOR A TOTAL SUM OF US$100 MILLION for an ONWARD TRANSFER to an OVERSEA ACCOUNT. This CASH OF US$100 MILLION is presently in CUSTODY of a FINANCIAL SECURITY COMPANY IN ONE OF THE WEST AFRICAN COUNTRIES. I am hereby asking for your brotherly and humanly kind assistance to stand for me as a foreign partner to claim and receive this CASH PAYMENT ( US$100M ) on my behalf for AN ONWARD TRANSFER to any given overseas account either in your Country or outside your Country.

All I need you to do is that, you will need to Travel down to this West African Country that I will later DISCLOSE to you in confidence if you accept this proposal in doing this DEAL with me. Upon your arrival in this West African Country, you will be assisted to open A NON - RESIDENT DOMICILARY ACCOUNT either in the Name Of your Company or in your personal name with the assistance of the Security Company Officials, after this NON - RESIDENT DOMICILARY ACCOUNT has been opened, we will both go to the Security Company so that the cash payment release documents order will be signed and endorsed by you for the release of the consignments containing this money for immediate lodgment in the bank into your OPENED NON - RESIDENT DOMICILARY ACCOUNT. This ACCOUNT mentioned above as I have said will be opened for you with the help and assistance of the Security Company Officials for immediate and easy LODGEMENT OF THE US$100 MILLION BY CASH FOR AN ONWARD TRANSFER TO YOUR HOME COMPANY or PERSONAL ACCOUNT.

After the said amount is lodged in CASH into the opened NON - RESIDENT DOMICILARY ACCOUNT that you have opened, an onward TRANSFER INSTRUCTION to your home Company or Personal Account will be effected by your given Instruction from the Bank before we both travel to your country for DISBURSEMENT.

You should know that because I am a Nigerian Citizen, I cannot present myself to claim this money, that is why I am soliciting for your kind, brotherly and humanly assistance. Though previously in years back, I have made a personal direct attempt which was an UNSUCCESSFUL CASH MOVEMENT of US$800Million out of Nigeria to one of the European Country that was disrupted at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos on August 12, 1995 by the Nigerian Customs and the AirPort security Officials.

Looking at everything and with the present situation at this point in time, I therefore need a honest, trustworthy and reliable assistance of a foreigner who will be a brother to me in carrying out this project to a successful conclusion for all our mutual benefit and will not disappoint me at the end of this transaction but will claim and receive this money on my behalf for an onward transfer and at the same time put a percentage of the money into investment for me in his country country.

At this point, I need to let you know the sharing pattern if you agree to do this DEAL with me.:- 20% of the total sum will be given to you as your share, 5% will be set aside for expenses incurred during the transacting period by both parties ( YOURSIDE & MYSIDE ) and 65% will be put into investment while the remaining 10% will be put into an account so that when cash need arises, withdrawals can be made easily by ME.

I want to strongly assure you that this deal does not involve any risk or scandal now or in the future. If you agree to do this deal, be rest assured that under 4 working days of your arrival in this West African Country that will be disclosed to you upon the receipt of your acceptance reply to this proposal, the deal will be completed and sealed up to which you can confirm receipt of the money from Your Bankers before both of us will now travel together to your Country for disbursement of the money according to the percentage stated above.

For easy, safe and confidential communication, I would require you to give me your direct private telephone and fax numbers; while I await your immediate response, have a nice day.

Best regards.