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ADV: Are you a Network Marketing Leader?

Leading Network Marketing Company set to laterally transfer proven network marketers.


If your success in the network marketing industry has branded you a seasoned veteran, the executive team at Juvio Corporation is interested in speaking to you.  

-Need not vacate your current opportunity
-No competition with product or compensation plan
-Juvio shows global leaders how to get paid on sales generated by your downline?your upline?your sidelines-----on all sales worldwide!

Juvio Corporation, a leading network marketing company headquartered in La Jolla, California, is launching a worldwide campaign to find key leaders to partake in our ongoing global advancement.  If selected, you will be laterally transferred into the Juvio organization.    

To find out more, visit http://xbrd.com/d.php?m_z=BRD_12382201&l_d=1027044861&u_d=2642114&dva=lal

This e-mail is an advertisement for Juvio sent to you on 5/16/2003 at 1:54:26 PM and is intended to confirm your information. If you would prefer not to receive any additional e-mail information from Juvio, please email remove@juvio.com with remove in the subject line. Please allow a reasonable response time not to exceed three (3) days after which you will be removed from our e-mail database. If you believe that this is spam, please follow the directions below. Juvio is located at 8910 University Center Lane, La Jolla, California, 92122. Juvio may be contacted by e-mail at support@juvio.com.

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