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Dear Sir/Madam

I am Mohammed Sani Abacha, son of the late Nigerian
head of state who died on the 8th June 1998 while till
on active service.
I am contacting you in view of the fact that we will
be of great assistance to each other?s likeness in
developing a cordial business relationship.
Recently, I was unconditionally released by the
present civilian administration through the apex court
of Nigeria, the supreme court of Nigeria for any
complicity in the assassination case leveled against
me, which until this release proceeding have been
going on.
In exchange for my freedom, my family was made to sign
an agreement to relinquish through a court order any
assets or accounts belonging to my family which is
currently frizzed at Europe and American banks
By the Nigerian led government valued at $1.5b United
States dollars. Excepts from media houses and websites
to further give credence to this assertion can be
forwarded to you on demand.
Following my release and subsequent need for finances
to settle down, I have a certain amount of funds I
stashed away in a security safe box in a neighboring
African country to Nigeria. In this safe box is $26m
US$ registered and deposited as African artwork. My
attorney deposited it with no beneficiary yet, due to
my instructions.
Unfortunately, am under surveillance by the government
of Nigeria, am not allowed to travel outside west
Africa and all my land lines are bugged. They
government still believes there are more funds at my
Family?s disposals than they already have declared.
They will stop at nothing to freeze more, should ample
evidence show that we still have more funds at our
disposal hereby, solicit for your ability and
indulgence to stand as next of kin to these funds. You
will only be required to open a dollar account in the
location where these funds are and the funds are
transferred out to your offshore account. However, the
presence of my attorney who will be directly in charge
of this transaction must be needed to conclude this
All necessary particulars which can facilitate and
enable you claim the funds on my behalf will be
forwarded to you as soon as your consent to proceed is
received, furthermore, my need for a foreigner to
stand as beneficiary for this funds cannot be over
emphasized, following the betrayals and experiences
encountered by my mother and my family while I was
incarcerated by people meant to be aides or loyalist
to the family has prompted me not to trust anyone from
my region anymore. My family?s name was even
compromised in their quest to destabilize my family
For your assistance, I have decided to let you have
20%, while 75% will be my share and the balance of 5%
be used to defray any expense we might incurred during
the course of realizing the funds.your urgent reply
will be highly appreciated to the via email.
Alhaji.Mohammed Abacha.