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We write to crave your indulgence for your assistance 
in the area of acquisition of estate in your country. 

I Dr. ADAMS MUSA the Director of contracts and my 
partner the Director of funds in the Federal Housing 
Authority in Nigeria; will prefer that this 
transaction be strictly confidential even after 
successful completion of this transaction as we will 
require you and your company to act as our oversea 
Agent for the Actualizations of this transaction. 

The funds to be used for the purchase of the estates 
and the proposals investment in your country is 
presently in a coded Bank Account owned by the Federal 
Housing Authority in the Nigeria Apex Bank and we 
require your collaboration to transfer the funds to 
your Bank account in your country or any safe account 
where the funds would be received conveniently; this 
is to be provided by your humble self. You are to be 
considered to have executed a contract for the Federal 
Housing Authority for a contract sum of USD15.5 
Million which resulted from over invoicing from the 
original contractors who erected 399 Housing units for 
us in 1998 and their contract sum has long been 
settled remaining the outstanding over invoiced sum 
USD15.5 Million. 

We deliberately added amounting to $15.5m{USD}, if we 
agree to work together your share shall be 30% of the 
total contract sum we will have 60% and 10% will to 
be set aside by expenses incurred by both parties 
during the course of this transaction .Note that your 
area of common business is not an obstacle to this 
transaction but your willingness to a party of the 
business and also assist in the acquisition of estates 
in your country. 

As soon as payment is effected and your account is 
credited we will purchase the estates abroad an invest 
in your company. As soon you are advice with the 
information for the telegraphic transfer by the Apex 
Bank we shall be with you before the account be 
credited in your Bank to avoid any room for 
misappropriation of funds form any angle. And we will 
disburse the funds as soon as your account is credited 
together in your country. Note that we decided to 
carry out this transfer at this time because the 
formal Director Of Finance who has just be seconded to 
the Ministry of Art and Culture was aware of the 
existence of the fund and he has been a stumbling 
block . 

You are requested to communicate your assistance or 
otherwise of this proposal through my Email address 
after which we shall discuss the full modalities for 
seeing this transaction through. If however you are 
not dispose to assist, kindly destroy letter in view 
of the confidentiality of the proposed transaction and 
interest of personalities involved.
my confidential email:dradams_musa@ny.com 

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation. 

Best Rgards 


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