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No More Accent is an accent reduction product, currently helping clients from over  80 countries around the world communicate more effectively when speaking to work colleagues or friends.

With that in mind, No More Accent teaches Accent Reduction methodologies. The entire course has a run time of 90 minutes. Within this period, 20 individual lessons are covered, ranging from Mouth Exercises and Movement, to breathing and pronunciation. The course goes on to cover vowels and word groupings, along with ample amounts of accent reduction exercises with which to practice your new skills.

We work alongsid language institutes and schools, along with numerous business companies and libraries, the Krieger Method has shown its strength as an instrumental learning set of tools. In fact, No More Accent can be used in almost any situation where an accent reduction is required. Even Actors within the Entertainment Industry have turned to No More Accent as a way to lose or gain an accent of another nationality.

No More Accent is available in two versions, both can be purchased directly via the www.no-moreaccent.com website.

The main difference between the products is that the CD-ROM has more resources, portability, flexibility, as you can choose which lessons you wish to go through at your own pace.

1. The VHS Format comes with the user guide and exercise examples. The tape runs for aprox. 1hr 30 minutes. The Price is $24.95.  The format is available in either PAL or NTSC (for North America).

2. The CD-ROM includes the entire movie footage of the video, as well as other resources. As the movies are split into lessons, each lesson is easy to navigate, allowing you to learn at your own pace and have fun while you are doing so. The Price is $29.95.

If you would like further information about our products or services, please contact myself when you have a moment.

Kindest Regards,

Martin Edwards
Marketing Co-ordinator


Your #1 Resource for Accent Reduction