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Dear friend,

I am reaching in my private capacity , though we have had no previous
contact with each other , nor do we know each other personally , hence the
need for an initial introduction of myself.

My name as it appears above and my contact details is also as it appears
above,but for youor benefit,until a few weeks back I was the personal
assisstant to the Head Of Procurements,Zimbabwean Defense Ministry,in which
position I unavoidably got involved in the negotiation for purchase of
Armaments from the Republic of South Africa,prior to the just concluded
Zimbabwean Presidential elections,which saw the incubent President ( Robert
Mugabe ) being returned to the power against the general will of the
Zimbabwean people,including myself and my former boss.

Without wasting much of your time,I will reserve further details on the
Zimbabwean politics pending when we would have established proper relations
with each other.In the mean-time,the major reason for my contacting you is
outlined below,only as a business proposal,which you are free to reject or
to co-operate with me on.This proposal should be treated by you as highly
confidential and of a sensitive nature,largely due to my turbulent
political back-ground and my falling out of favor with the ruling
government in Zimbabwe.


I and my former boss,who is presently under house arrest in my home
coumtry,were part of the negotiating delegation for the aquisition of
Armaments from the Armaments Corporation Of South Africa ( ARMSCOR ), 

the scope of this aquisition was valued at the sum of One Hundred Million
United States Dollars ( U.S.$ 100 Million ).During the process of
negotiating for the said aqusition,we were able to set aside some money for
our personal use through over-invoicing the value of the military
equipment,which has since been shipped to my home country ( Zimbabwe ).

This over-invoicing was achieved through the assistance of some of our
inside contacts within ARMSCOR,with the understanding that ,the proceeds of
the over-invoice sum shall split amongst all the parties involved,when we
manage to get reimbursed with the over-invoiced sum by the powers that
be,in the accounts department of the ARMSCOR.

At this time,we have perfected arrangements with our inside contacts,on the
instructions of my former boss,

to have to the over-invoiced sum of U.S.$ 17 Million released to us,but one
snag we are having at this time is that,non of us,has the capacity to claim
this sum personally,except we make it appear as a payment for a contract
executed on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe .For this to be made
possible,we have been exploring all the avenues of getting some one
trust-worthy,who can stand as the final beneficiary of the contract
payment,"A FRONT MAN".In furtherance of this objective,we are willing to
provide all the necessary documentations to back up the payment claim,prior
to the formal application fro the release of funds,which is presently
sitting in the Escrow account of,the ARMSCOR ( South Africa ).

If you think you could work with us confidentially,as a front man and our
overseas counterpart,we coul;d open up negotiations with you,on our
anticipated areas of co-operation,including the mode of operation and the
provision of relevant details concerning the proposed deal to you.

For argument's sake,your scope of involvement should include,traveling to
South Africa,where I am presently,on self exile,for a face to face meeting
with us.Providing a receiving off-shore account,where the funds could be
transferred to and docimiled,pending when we could all meet to split the
proceeds,based on our agreed terms.Finally,upon your visit to South
Africa,an opportunity will be created for you to formally visit the
participating issuing bank for formal signing of the fund release
documents,including other documentary formalities,which will be closely
supervised by the participating bank officials and other contacts from the

The only guarantee I can offer to you at this time is this,the proposed
deal is 100% risk free,your personal safety is guaranteed,but from you,we
shall be requiring guarantees that,any sum transferred to your bank
acccount shall remain intact and safe until I join in your country to get
receive the respective shares of myself and my colleagues.

You could also feel free to propose what percentage of the to tal sum,which
you would like to retain,after the deal is concluded.For record
purposes,all expenditures related to your travelling to South Africa and
other minor expenditures related to the proposed deal shall be borne by
myself,including yourself,this will only underline our respective
committments to the deal in order to justify the benefits occruing to each
one of us as involved parties.

You shall receive further details as soon as I hear from you,mind
you,secrecy / trust are the guiding principles we must adhere to at all
times,in the process of executing / participating in the proposed deal.

Yours truly ,
Blessing Agbor 


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