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How to Have More Customer ?

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  **************       How to         ***************

  Have More Customer and Competition?

  **************    In Internet Time  ***************
  Answer is:             

       Email Spider Easy 
       ----Targeted Email Address Extract Software.

        Key Features: 
        1 Search and Spider from a starting url such 
            as web url, search engine, message 
            board,  newsgroup to  extract bulk email 
            addresses and Url Addresses in pair. 

        2 Integrate with 18 top search engines
           such as Yahoo, Google, Altavista, AOL, 
           MSN, Lycos,Hotbot, Go.

        3 Search speed is very fast. 
           Allow up to 500 threads to search and 
           extract emails  simultaneously.
        4 Both Web and Url are extracted.

           For more info and free test ,
           please access url: