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Foreign companies benefit from Exim Bank loans from USA 27005

Title: Medium term bank loans for imports from the USA

Medium term bank loans for imports from the USA
benefit most companies in foreign countries.

Prevailing commercial interest rates in most foreign countries
far exceed those available through our lending network.
These loans are direct from top USA commercial banks
to qualified foreign buyers in foreign countries.

The Import Export Bank of the United States Government

(Exim-Bank) provides a very attractive program for foreign
companies to obtain a low interest medium term loan for
purchasing US manufactured equipment or machinery.
(Only Capital Goods)

The minimum transaction size is $250,000 Dollars

85% financing is available.

Basic Qualifications

1. The company has 3 years time in business.
2. The loan amount can not exceed 40% of the company’s net worth.
3. The yearly loan payment to be less than company’s annual profits.

The Benefits

1. The Payments are every six months.
2. We offer a grace period of six months to one year.
3. The interest rates at approximately 7.7% to 9.9%
4. The Exim Bank will guaranty the loan to the funding US bank.
5. All of the fees are financed. (excluding bank closing cost)
6. There are no pre-payment penalties.
7. The loan is structured as simple interest.
8. We handle the paperwork and coordinate the transaction.
9. The terms are up to 5 years.

For complete details by email please supply the following

Company Name:
Contact Person:
Email Address:
Web Site:

Please feel free to have your supplier or representative
in the United States contact us for references.

Thank You for your time,

Alan Alvarez

South Pointe Financial Corp.
201 Cross Street
Miami Springs, Florida 33166 USA

305-883-8839   Fax: 305-883-7336

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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