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Re: small bug

>>>>> "AM" == Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <misiek@pld.org.pl> writes:

    AM> Hi, In 0.5.1 release there is small bug. initgroups directive
    AM> doesn't work properly ;-(

  Hmm. I think this is what it's supposed to do, actually.

  If I'm reading that config right, you basically just want the
standard groups for user 'nobody', right? So we don't need to add any
additional groups, meaning that -1 is the correct thing to pass.
    AM> and I get: initgroups(nobody, -1): Bad argument

  ...except that that seems to disagree with me :) Do you get any
compile warning? Basically, is the prototype for initgroups declared
in the headers included by grammar.y? It might be a casting problem,
or something.

  Is this a linux install? What version of libc?

    AM> field supgid isn't changed ! -1 is from defaults->supgid
    AM> (confirmed ;)

  It should only really be set if you have user, group, and initgroups 
directives (ie, you want all of the normal groups for that user, plus
an additional one).