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Re: compile problem

>>>>> "k" == kiewicz  <Arkadiusz> writes:

    k> I don't
    k> have HAVE_SYS_CAPABILITY_H defined. IMHO in such case
    k> capability support shouldn't be compiled in, even if
    k> HAVE_LIBCAP is defined.

  Quite right. Done.

    k> In db.h rather should be -#include <config.h> +#include
    k> "config.h" (that same in strings.c, main.c grammar.y, engine.c,
    k> db.c, data.h, bytecode)

  Things will be moving into a separate include directory sooner or
later, so <config.h> is correct (either way, given the -I. flags, it
should work correctly).

    k> Also macro AC_CHECK_HEADER sometimes doesn't work properly, so:

  Boggle. How bizarre. Changed, but where do you see this problem
(other than with tcpd.h)?