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Re: rlinetd-0.4

On 29 Jul 1999, Mikolaj J. Habryn wrote:

>    ADK> Not so frequently , but "echo" or "discard" I use to test
>    ADK> network. Or for example IPv6 telnet ;). 
>  Okay, new snapshot up that does 'echo' and 'discard', as requested
>:) Get it from http://www.eris.rcpt.to/rlinetd/snapshots/
ok, thx. I'll try.

>  The documentation hasn't been revised, so here's a brief synopsis:

>service "fish" {
>  port 9;
>  discard;
>service "frog" {
>  port 7;
>  echo;
>  Note the unfortunate keyword collision with 'echo' - 'echo;' is
>wildly, wildly different to 'echo "fish";'. I'm entirely open to
>suggestions on renaming or syntax changes.
May be more logicaly be like this :
service "echo" {
  port 7;
  internal-service echo;

service "discard" {
  port 9;
 internal-service discard;

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