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Re: FreeBSD

>>>>> "K" == Kerberus  <trouble@netquick.net> writes:

    K> Hrmmm, was it written for linux?? cause it doesnt compile out
    K> of the box on any BSDs

  Okay, there's a snapshot up at
http://www.eris.rcpt.to/rlinetd/snapshots/ which compiles and runs on
a FreeBSD box here. There's a caveat, of course - automake and bison
aren't playing well together.

  To build it, unpack it, and remove lex.c, grammar.c and grammar.h
before you compile. You'll need bison and flex (or equivalents).

  For anyone interested, the bison included on the FreeBSD box that I
tested on starts numbering token at 258. The linux bison starts at
257. The grammar.h included in the distribution is used to compile
lex.c, but for some reason probably involving timestamps, a fresh
grammar.h is generated for compiling grammar.c... which in this case,
has no token numbered 257. Ergo, instant parse errors.