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Re: bugs

>>>>> "MJH" == Mikolaj J Habryn <dichro-ffe633b3@eris.rcpt.to> writes:

    MJH>   I think this is indeed a bug in getaddrinfo() - I'll have a
    MJH> look at the specs to check (tomorrow! :).

  From http://www.opengroup.org/orc/DOCS/XNS_GAI/webcom.htm:

     If the ai_family field to which hints points has the value
     AF_UNSPEC, addresses are returned for use with any protocol family
     that can be used with the specified nodename and/or servname.
     Otherwise, addresses are returned for use only with the specified
     protocol family.

  So, I'm calling it a glibc bug, unless you see something that I've